Stucco Remediation in West Chester

March 29, 2019

after remediating stucco on a West Chester home and replacing it with James Hardie fiber cement sidingMany homes built throughout the Philadelphia suburbs are made of stucco. Unfortunately, stucco is susceptible to water intrusion, which occurs when moisture gets trapped between the stucco and the insulation in your walls. Since moisture can cause mold to grow, your exterior’s main purpose is to prevent this very thing from happening.

Water intrusion is all too common with stucco homes, as well as with homes cladded with brick, stone, wood, and composite siding. The process of correcting this issue is called stucco remediation.

Replacing Stucco with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding In West Chester, PA

A few weeks ago, we replaced this homeowner’s stucco cladding with James Hardie fiber cement siding. The stucco had fallen victim to water damage and needed to be replaced.

Some common signs that your stucco has failed are: rotting around fixtures in your exterior walls, stucco that is cracked or turning black, missing or aged caulk, or transitions between the stucco and other materials that are not properly sealed.

It’s important to be proactive about issues with your stucco. If you don’t address these problems in time, they may lead to severe, costly damage.

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