Storm Damage Repair

Storm Damaged Home

Storms are unpredictable and powerful. The high winds and torrential downpours put stress on your roof, siding, and gutters. Even if everything looks fine after the storm clears up, there’s a chance your property took a hit. After the storm that recently tore through the Southeastern Pennsylvania area, we are in the neighborhood offering free inspections & damage reports.

Whether you have an obvious sign of damage, like a fallen tree or missing siding, or you haven’t noticed anything but want an inspection for peace of mind, we can help. To schedule your evaluation, give us a call at 610-461-1118.

Our Storm Damage Repair Services

After a storm hits, there are several parts of your home that should be checked. During your inspection, we will thoroughly examine your property, handling:

  • roof with crackRoof Inspections and Repairs: Your roof is the most important part of your home, as it’s the main component protecting you and your loved ones. Hail, wind, and heavy rain can do a number on your roof. If you’ve recently weathered a rough storm, there’s a good chance you have damage, even if you don’t notice any obvious issues. Addressing damage as soon as possible will prevent the need for further repairs down the road.
  • Gutter Repairs: Your gutters are there to direct water away from your home. During a storm, they can easily be compromised by heavy winds and rain. It’s important to keep these in working order so that you’re protected against heavy standing water that can add stress on your roof. It’s also crucial that your gutters are working to direct water away from your foundation since excess moisture at the base of your home can cause serious damage.
  • Siding Repairs: Hail can leave dents and dings on your siding, and tornados and heavy winds can remove it from your home. Weak spots in your siding can let in moisture, so they need to be corrected as soon as possible.
  • Hail Damage: When heavy ice stones hit your roof, siding, and gutters, you likely have a problem. Even though the dents may look small and harmless, they can result in pulls in seals and weatherproofing, leaving you vulnerable to moisture.

To learn more about our hail damage repair services, visit our hail damage page.

Choose GAF Master Elite Roofers

GAF Master EliteSecure your roof with a GAF Master Elite accredited team of roofing contractors!

We are proud to be among the 2% of roofing companies nationwide that hold a GAF master elite roofing contractor title. In order to carry this status, your roofing company needs to:

  • Have a 99% customer satisfaction rate based on independent GAF surveys
  • A Clean Bank Record
  • An excellent rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

As a GAF Manufacturing Company partner, we can replace your roof with their complete roofing system and provide the best warranties in the business.

Learn more about what it means to be a GAF Master Elite company.

Will Storm Damage Repairs be Covered by Insurance?

roof with hail damageIn the vast majority of cases, home insurance may cover the cost of a new roof, as long as you address the damage within a year after the storm. If you have damaged siding–including dents from hail or partial removal due to heavy winds–insurance will usually only pay for the damaged portion. Unfortunately, that means you could end up with an area of your siding that doesn’t match the rest.

It’s a good idea to read the fine print of your insurance to determine your options and see what your policy will cover in terms of siding damage.

Before you contact the insurance to submit a claim, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a contracting company, so that you can have a professional assess the situation. The team at Porter Family Contracting has decades of experience working with insurance companies to maximize coverage for homeowners.

We’ve Helped Other Homeowners

In the wake of a storm, we represent you to your insurance company, making sure you get the coverage you deserve from your insurance company. These reviews are from customers we’ve helped in the past:

“Contacted Porter Family Contracting after noticing some roof damage after a storm, Roy was there the very next day and had the damages patched. He also was there when the insurance man came and handled everything. Highly recommend their service and quality of work.”

-Jim M.

“Needed roof work done on my home after a storm. Porter Family Contracting worked with the Borough to get the permit quickly and assisted me with my insurance claim in addition to excellent work. You can trust this company!”

-Angie’s List Review

Schedule a Free Storm Damage Inspection

The team at Porter Family Contracting has decades of experience working with homeowners and insurance adjusters to resolve storm damage problems. Roy Porter is a seasoned member of our team. In the past, insurance companies have relied on Roy to assess storm-damaged properties. Mike is another one of our team members who has 20+ years of experience inspecting homes for storm damage and representing homeowners to insurance adjusters. Throughout the process, we will advocate to your insurance company on your behalf. To schedule your free inspection & damage report, call 610-461-1118 or contact us online.