Roof Hail Damage Repair

Roof Hail damage Inspection

Recent storms in the area have left many homeowners with extensive home damage. High winds, torrential downpours, and hail can cause big problems. While the roof over your head has kept you safe through the storms, there’s a good chance it took a beating, especially if you experienced hail and high winds.

Porter Family Contracting is currently in your area surveying storm damage. We are offering free consultations to evaluate roofing damage. Give us a call at 610-461-1118.

Will Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

Your insurance company may pay for a new roof. This can be a costly purchase ranging from $4,500 for a small roof and upwards of $30,000 for larger homes in our area.  Homeowners only have 1 year from the date of damage to file a claim and get the new roof paid for.

Before you have your insurance send an inspector over, it’s a good idea to talk to a roofing company, like Porter Family Contracting. Then we can deal directly with the insurance company to ensure you are getting the coverage you need to fix your roof.

How to Check for Roof Hail Damage

roof with hail damageAfter a hailstorm passes, you may not notice damage to your home right away. Before you climb right up on your roof, you can check a few other areas.

  1. Yard: If your greenery is missing some foliage, it’s a good sign that there’s more damage elsewhere.
  2. Car: If your car didn’t make it into the garage, then there’s a good chance it’s been affected by the hail, which means your roof most likely has damage too.
  3. Downspouts & Gutters: If you find new dents, cracks, and/or chips in the gutters then you likely also have some problems on the roof. You should also look for granules stuck in the gutter, which may have come off from broken shingles.

Hopping on your roof can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know what to expect. A quick visual inspection might be enough to reveal some damage. Your best bet is to contact a professional who can safely and correctly identify damage.

Why Should You Have Your Roof Inspected After a Storm?

roof with crack

A roofing company can help determine if you need minor repairs or a completely new roof. It’s best to take action soon after the storm to ensure your insurance company will cover the damage. Even if you’re OK letting your roof look a little worn, it’s best to fix any damage. The little dents caused by the hail can pull away seals and weatherproofing, eventually causing leaks.

We’ll do a complete inspection of the roof to identify problem areas (cracks, chips, surface depressions in the shingles, and missing shingles). Then we can decide the best next steps for your home, while we work directly with insurance.

We’ve Helped Other Homeowners

After a storm, we are your advocate against the insurance company, to make sure you get the full amount you deserve. Hear what some of our customers have said:

“Contacted Porter Family Contracting after noticing some roof damage after a storm, Roy was there the very next day and had the damages patched. He also was there when the insurance man came and handled everything. Highly recommend their service and quality of work.”

-Jim M.

“Needed roof work done on my home after a storm. Porter Family Contracting worked with the Borough to get the permit quickly and assisted me with my insurance claim in addition to excellent work. You can trust this company!”

-Angi Review

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection

Our team has decades of experience inspecting roofs for hail and wind damage and working with insurance adjusters. Roy Porter has been called in as an expert by insurance companies in the area to determine if roofs have hail damage or not. Mike, another member of our team, has 20+ years of inspecting roofs for hail and wind damage and working with insurance adjusters. We’ll be your advocate throughout the entire process.

We are in good standing with local insurance adjusters, and we’ll eliminate the headache of dealing with the back and forth with insurance companies. To get started with a free inspection, give us a call at 610-461-1118 or contact us online.