Replacing a Roof in Marcus Hook

March 17, 2019

removing shingles in marcus hookRecently, a homeowner in Marcus Hook called on us to repair their roof. The siding had become detached from the roofing, and some of their shingles had blown off.

Like we do with every project, we started by hanging a system of plywood and tarps over the side of the house. This prevents any debris from damaging the property. After we removed the shingles, we exposed the layer of wood that sits underneath. From there we removed the trouble spots in the wood and replaced them. This is important because eventually, those little soft spots in the wood would have caused big problems.

Before installing the new shingles, we added a material called ACE WeatherShield. This creates a protective layer between the shingles and wood to keep moisture out. Finally, we installed the shingles before thoroughly cleaning up.

To learn more about the methods we use, visit our roofing process page.

Your roof is not a place to cut corners. When it’s time to install a new roof, you want to choose a contractor who does the job right.

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