Replacing Siding in Malvern

May 7, 2019
replacing siding with james hardie

James Hardie siding is a brand of fiber cement siding, a handsome and sturdy type of exterior cladding. Fiber cement siding outlasts most other types of cladding, sometimes by as much as decades.

James Hardie siding stands up well to common threats of damage, including fire, moisture, and wind. Its sand and cement content means that termites won’t destroy it, and it won’t rot no matter how wet it gets. In a place like Southeastern PA, where the weather is moist year-round, fiber cement siding is an ideal choice.

Installing Fiber Cement Siding in Malvern

The aging wood siding on this Malvern home was worse for wear, and the insulation underneath was at risk for growing mold. Firstly, we stripped away the damaged siding, before wrapping the house in Hardie Wrap, which is a protective layer that keeps moisture out while allowing it to escape from inside your home.

Then, it was time to install the new siding. The finished product is a sharp-looking home that is prepared to weather the elements.

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