Replacing Damaged Stucco and Vinyl Siding in Collegeville

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Stucco is common in the Delaware Valley. Unfortunately, it’s very prone to damage. We recently headed to this home in Collegeville, PA. The stucco and vinyl siding had been damaged due to moisture, which resulted in cracks in the foundation. We were able to repair the damaged stucco, plus we replaced the damaged vinyl siding with Certainteed, and we also installed new downspouts.

If your stucco has developed mold behind it, we also handle stucco remediation projects. In the meantime, check out these photos of the project in Collegeville.

New Roof and Vinyl Siding in Perkiomenville

protective sheet to remove shingles

While at this home in Perkiomenville, we were excited to give them the full royal treatment: a new roof and new siding.

This customer contacted us when they noticed some signs of wear in their roof, including missing granules and shingles that were curling up at the edges. You can check out this post for other warning signs that your roof needs to be replaced. We removed the damaged roof and replaced it with GAF Timberline shingles. We also removed the damage vinyl siding and replaced it with Certinteed. To finish things up, we installed new fascia capping, gutters, and downspouts.

Replacing Stucco With James Hardie Siding in West Chester

after finishing new siding and roof

Stucco has a tendency to get mold behind it. For people who live in humid areas, like Southeastern PA, it isn’t really a matter of whether their stucco will get mold behind it, it’s a matter of when. Fortunately, it is possible to salvage homes with moldy stucco, especially if you tackle the problem early on.

We usually recommend our clients to replace their stucco with James Hardie fiber cement siding, which has many benefits over other claddings. This client, located in West Chester, opted for James Hardie siding in the color Arctic White. While we were at their house, we also installed a new roof, a new entry door, a new patio side door, and put in new windows, gutters, downspouts, and gutter guard.

New Roof, Siding, and Deck on a Springfield Home

new James Hardie siding in evening blue

We are excited to share these photos from a recent project in Springfield, PA. This homeowner needed a new roof, which we were happy to provide, along with new James Hardie fiber cement siding in the color Evening Blue.

We also installed a new deck using pressure-treated wood, and finished off the deck with a new vinyl railing system. The homeowners got new window and door trim, a new garage door, and new fascia capping.

New Fiber Cement Siding on a West Chester Home

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The vinyl siding on this West Chester home had started to show wear in some places. This doesn’t just create an unkempt look, but it takes away from the cladding’s primary function, which is to keep heat in and to keep moisture, cold, and loud noises out.  In addition, siding is intended to create a visually appealing look for your home.

Fiber cement is long-lasting and highly insulating. It’s easy to install, which helps keep installation costs low. We also happen to think it looks really nice! This homeowner chose new fiber cement siding in a color called Boothbay Blue. We also installed new gutters, new downspouts, new fascia capping, and new garage windows. Their chimney was in need of repairs, so we took care of that as well.

Check out the photos in the gallery for more detail about this project:

Replacing Stucco With Fiber Cement Siding

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Unfortunately, stucco has a tendency to get mold behind it, especially in humid climates, as we have on the East Coast. Another unfortunate reality is that stucco’s tendency to hold mold wasn’t discovered until recently, only after many houses in Southeast PA were clad in stucco.

Fortunately, we are able to remove stucco and get the mold out from underneath using a process called stucco remediation.

This project took place in Havertown. The homeowner wanted to replace their stucco with a mix of James Hardie and Board and Batten cladding, both in the color Cobblestone. We also installed Hardie trim in Arctic White, and added new trim to their portico.

Hardie Siding Installation in Collegeville, PA

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This homeowner in Collegeville, PA updated their old white siding to new siding from James Hardie in a deep blue color. We also installed new soffits, gutters, window trim.

New Fiber Cement Siding in Deep Ocean

Now that the house has James Hardie siding in a fresh, deep blue, the house really looks transformed. Take a look at the before and after photos in the gallery:

New Portico Roof in Media

Portico roof in Media Banner

This homeowner was inspired by a photo of a portico roof they saw online. We really like when customers show us photos because it allows us to have a clear vision of their expectations.

In addition to installing the portico roof, we removed their siding and replaced it with James Hardie siding in the color cobblestone. We installed new soffits, windows, trim, and a new front door. Take a look at the gallery to see the details:

Replacing a Roof in Wayne

wayne home with new roof
Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements. It’s important to monitor your roof closely, and if it needs work, hire a company you trust to do a thorough job replacing it. That way, you won’t run into any trouble for many years. If you’re not sure what to look for when you inspect your roof, check out this post.

New Roof & Deck on a Home in Wayne

This homeowner in Wayne needed some work done on their roof. We built a complete new roof for their low-slope structure. We were sure to also install synthetic tiger paw underlay, a base, counters, step flashing, a ridge vent, and a hip and ridge cap. All these things help safeguard openings in the roof, sealing out moisture and preventing damage. While we were there, we also replaced their old wooden decking.

Replacing a Skylight in Fort Washington

Skylight project in Fort Washington

Skylights are a great way to get natural light in your home. Natural light is a big buzz word among house shoppers, so a skylight can help increase the value of your home. Plus, in the meantime, it’s pleasant to be able to see the sky and get sunshine streaming into your space.

A Fort Washington Home Gets a New Skylight

One downside to skylights is that they do signify a weak spot in your roof. The area around your skylight is prone to leaking, but as long as you maintain it, you should be in the clear. Recently, we replaced a skylight for this homeowner in Fort Washington, taking care to use a new flash kit around the edge of the skylight. The flashing adds an extra layer of security around the window to prevent leaks.

While we were at it, we also furnished and installed aluminum capping on all the windows, replacing the trim as needed.