Building a Portico Roof in Norwood, PA

May 18, 2018

Another view of the completed porticoA portico is a small porch that is covered by a column-supported roof. This coverage comes in handy during storms, so you can keep your newspaper dry and unlock your door without getting soaked. It is an extra shield from rain and snow that threatens to sneak in through your doorway. Plus, portico roofs add a focal point to your home that increases curb appeal. The result is a completed look.

In addition to building the portico roof from scratch, we took out the old steps and retaining wall so we could add new ones. For the front of the portico roof, we were able to exactly match the siding on the rest of the home. This helped us to wrap up the roof project, along with fresh shingles and trim.

We enjoyed working on this project and are excited to share the photos below.

Building a Portico Roof for a Norwood Homeowner

We enjoyed seeing this project come together. We built a portico roof for our client, a homeowner in Norwood, PA.


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